Stuck in the mud

Stuck in the mud
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Not all building sites are easily accessible. Some are in the mountains and the trucks have to make tight U-turns as they climb the mountain, other building sites have no roads at all and we have to unload somewhere else and bring our building materials with some flatbed car behind a tractor.

And then there are building sites that have something that looks like a road, only it isn’t. It looks like road but it’s all covered in mud and you have no idea where the asphalt ends.

Especially in The Netherlands, in polder areas, we have these roads with extremely soft shoulders. Shiny trucks arrive at our building sites, and then they make one mistake and …. bloob… stuck in the mud. Some truck drivers try to use all their 500 horsepower to get out, but the end result is: more stuck, and not so shiny truck anymore.

Usually we ask a John Deere that’s nearby to come to the rescue, or one of these big yellow monster Volvo’s. We have a database full of such images of trucks behind these big machines, and especially in the months of October and November our database grows…