A Beautiful Design

A Beautiful Design
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We are builders and we are proud of our houses because of the techniques and materials that we use. Our houses are robust, sturdy, they have very high insulation values and the are build to withstand ages. But all that means nothing when it comes to aesthetics.

A nice design is just that, nice, and that is why we often cooperate with the architects from OxL. Because no matter how nice our designs are, these OxL boys always manage to make it nicer. Just a few lines, a sketch on an A4- sheet and voilá: nicer! We frankly don’t understand how they do it, but it works each and every time.

Every now and then a client manages to come up with a nice design, without an architect. Not everybody can do it, but recently in Almere we built a house for a client who did just that: a few lines on a pice of paper and presto!

We will add some more photos shortly, at this moment we will have to do with the pictures we took during the assembly phase. The plot around the house is still a mess, half the plot is flooded, but ignore that and you see a beautiful design.