Ventilation in public buildings

Ventilation in public buildings

Previously we wrote about “damp closed or damp tight buildings” and the fact that nowadays almost all utility buildings (offices, hospitals, airports, schools, …) are damp closed, i.e. moisture can not leave the building via the roof or the walls, or even via windows as often such building have no openable windows.

Instead all air is refreshed via an air conditioning system that pre-heats incoming air using heat exchangers and heat pumps. Very energy efficient.

This is the result. Big pipes everywhere and a constant background hiss. For utility buildings maybe this is ok, but for normal living houses we think this is over the top. Does it work? Yes it does, and if you are aiming for the lowest amount of energy consumption then this is the way to go and we can help you with this. But we can easily meet all building requirements in Europe and still build damp-open.

This is in the Senukai building market in Ukmerge, Lithuania.