CLT in Almere

CLT in Almere
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We have been busy lately with preparing new projects and we had little time to place posts on our website. But now while cleaning a laptop we found some photos that we better place on our website right away and then later we will go search for the rest of the photos, because for sure we had some better ones.

This project we finished about six months ago. The photo above was taken about three weeks before hand-over of the house. Designed by our OxL friends it is a simple one-level house with a traditional flat roof. What is not so traditional is the walls: cross laminated timber, or CLT.

CLT is not cheap, but for us as builders it has some advantages: allows us to work to the exact millimeter, doesn’t shrink or warp, as if it were steel and then with the eco parameters, CO2-storage and insulation values of wood. And on top of that: it looks very very cool from the inside.

OK now we will search for the rest of the photos and come back with an update. And as you can see on the last photo: this was totally unprocessed imagery straight from our phones. pin-cushion effect, over-saturated colours, we’ll try to fix all that.