Special windows

Special windows

Sometimes clients come to us with requests that are so non-standard (that is: non-standard for US) that we must say no. You want a house with a PVC outer facade? NO. You want just the materials and assemble yourself? NO. You want round logs? NO. We better focus on our core business, focus on what we know well and what we are good at.

But then, every now and then, there are projects that attract our interest, even though they are not the focus of our business. This client wanted windows, just windows. Initially we joked that he could buy a house with windows, then throw the house keep the windows. But this client did not give up, and somehow we got entangled in this project. Luckily!

Windows for the reconstruction of an existing chalet in Chamonix. Every window made to measure in an existing opening. Triangle windows, and square windows that were anything but exactly square. Oak frames, but then oak with a special finish and colour. Glass with a special coating against overheating, but they should not look blue like office windows.

The requirements were endless, but so are our possibilities. It took us almost a year, sending samples, more samples, taking dimensions, discussing special hinges and handles.

But this is the result. Next to the Aiguille du Midi (3842 meters) in the French Alps, we are proud!