Comparing insulation materials

Comparing insulation materials
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There are many different kinds of insulation materials to insulate your house. Polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool, old newspapers, wood fiber, sheep wool and the list goes on and on.

In this video we compare three common types:

  • polyurethane
  • glass wool
  • wood fiber.

One remark about cost. In the video we say that wood fiber is “almost cheap”, i.e. it is slightly more expensive than the other materials. But this video is from 2015 and since 2020 woodprices have gone through the roof, also prices for wood fiber. “Almost cheap” is not true anymore.

Before you click on the link, please accept our apologies for the (non) entertainment-factor of this video. It is one of the most boring videos you will find on YouTube, really, it is terrible. We feel a bit ashamed about it now, more than six minutes about a testbox and a graph, very bad.

But the content is actually very valid and relevant when you want to build a house.